Friday, 31 March 2017

Top Budget action cameras that still work well 20155

Hi guys

I've been playing around with my extremely budget action camera that gives reasonable performance, frame-rates and features whilst maintaining a reasonable price. Everyone loves the Go Pro and I do as well but not everyone can afford 300-400 for that.

The Qpix FHD Action camera

An excellent choice in terms of video quality, image stabilisation (excellent in this price range) and range of features. You get;
- Wifi
- Fulll HD recording 30 FPS
- Up to 8 megapixel Stills
- google smartphone and Apple smartphone compatability (With app downloaded)
- Waterproof up to 40 metres

Footage taken is really awesome too, here's a HD footage test not full HD but all the same is of the sea floor going deep and it looks great

Keiser Bass x-150

Kogan Action Camera 3+ Silver edition

Copying the GoPro Naming style just a little too much for my liking this is another great choice for those looking to capture quality moments at a reasonable price point, feature point but increasing that quality to something more watchable. Features include

- Up to 60 FPS in FHD
- HDMI/AV out
- Attachable display included on the back
- Laser pointer for accuracy of recording
- Up to 8MP Still images
- Compatible with GoPro Accessories

And finally the Number 1

Sony HDRAS20 FHD Action Camera

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5 must have's before getting your pokemon go on!

It's been a while sine my last post but I am finished my personal

So I know everyones been waiting for my next post and I have been thinking, Ever since I started properly playing pokemon go I've meeded to
No. 5
A decent phone

A holder

No. 3

A Portable Battery

No. 1
A decent case

Honourable Mention
The Pokemon go Plus Companion watch

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Best free Movie maker video editor android 2015/2016

Want to edit videos on your android device? stuck on the train and want to finish editing that video you never got a chance to last night? Video editing on the android tablets and phones has become so popular thanks to apples built in imovie studio. Windows has the all impressive movie maker but android has a few gems up its sleeve also.

No.5 Viva Video

Viva video editor claims to be the best out there, its not but its still very impressive what you can do with it.  They've even included free downloadable effects like stickers, FX and more. 
Video editor wise though you can;

- Trim and merge video clips in storyboard editing
- Apply slow & fast motion, and reverse to create amazing video
- Enhance your videos with various texts, FX, stickers, music, filters, transitions and live dubbing.
- All editing operations can be instant previewed in WYSIWYG way

No.4 WeVideo

Wevideo definitely a top editor, the free version leaves you a watermark but free music and editing tools and the paid version removes the watermark, gives you extra editing tools and more free music! great for on the go edits and feels very much like movie maker on the PC.

Video editing features include;
- Use photos and videos from your gallery or capture from the app
- Trim and arrange your clips
- Narrate your story with voice over recording
- Add effects to your movies or slideshows with a selection of themes
- Overlay titles and captions
- Use your own music
- Publish in HD (720p)
- Save videos to the gallery or share them to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more!

No.3 Magistro

Magistro is an auto-create video editor, rather than you doing to cropping, picking where the slides go and putting in the music and text, magistro does it all for you. It works really well sometimes but my experience has been mixed. 
Video editing features inlude
- Auto video editor
- wide range of video effects
- themes to choose from
- video collage

No.2 Kine Master Pro

Kine Master pro is starting to get into the more so professional video editing tools, allowing for a much wider range of editting to be done. although it may take some getting used to I feel that its more full featured than imovie aside from being harder to use. 
Video editing features include;
 Multiple layers for video, images, stickers, text, handwriting in video clips
- Frame-by-frame trimming, splicing and slicing
- Instant preview anytime
- Hue, brightness and saturation controls
- Speed control for video clips
- Fade in/fade out sound (overall)
- Volume envelope (Precise volume control from moment to moment within a clip)
- Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
- A variety of themes, animations and visual and audio effects
- Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more

No.1 PowerDirector 

My absolute favourite and thats why its at the top of this list. Powerdirector combines most of the advanced features you see in Kine Master pro but is significantly easier to use. A single purchase in the power director store and you get full editing abilities including removing the watermark.
Video editing features include;
- Enjoy the best video editor app with a professional timeline editing interface
- Drag-and-drop video, images, audio and effects for quick, accurate, easy movie editing
- Record a voice over for your movie, or add an audio soundtrack to enhance the mood
- Rotate, flip, split or trim video clips with a few quick touches
- Adjust video speed and create slow motion video fx to make your own Full HD slow motion video
- Save and produce your videos to your smartphone, or upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vine and more instantly
- Export your creations to amazing Full HD 720p or 1080p*

Anyway guys thats the list, remember to check out my other stuff and you can also find my youtube channel here
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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Top 5 budget tech gifts Christmas 2015

Looking for that aww inspiring gift that you know someone will love? there are some great budget gifts out there both online and in store. All of these gifts will be under $40 and be an excellent option for that special someone who either likes to tinker with things or playing around with gadgets.

So without further ado, here are the 5 best Christmas presents for 2015 in my opinion

1. Smart Watch ($14.29 AU)

This is the U8 smartphone companion (or the knock-off as I'm told) It can control the music in your phone, give you a step counter, has a calculator, acts as a remote for taking photo's and lets you answer your phone from outside of your pocket! its got a reasonable design and I am awaiting mine in the mail sometime in the next week to test it and give a comprehensive review on it. for under $20 you can hardly go wrong

2. HD Waterproof action camera $34 AU

Don't want to go out of your way to buy a go pro? still probably looking at something too expensive thinking about buying them a sonny action camera? The action camera from Aldi is a lowly $34.95 AU and comes packed with features such as;
- Waterproof housing
- Bike mount
- Generic adapter so you can use any generic accessories
- Built in screen to preview footage, change settings and check your recording angle is good
- up to 60 frames per second in vga
 - up to 30 frames per second in 720p

As a good starting point for anybody looking to explore the world of action cameras this is it, not expensive but has some amazing features for the price, don't expect amazing footage but its enough to be able to relive that moment you were at the beach getting hammered by that huge wave!

3. RC Nano Quad copter $25 AU

So the age of the quad copter is upon us and ever manufacturer worth their weight is manufacturing them. From the size of a small wallet to the enormity of my torso their suckers are plaguing the market. I have found an excellent buy in Kmart for $25 which I have in my possession and am about to put through the ringer and you can pickup a CX10 on eBay from as little as $29. Give your hubby, son, daughter or best friend one of these for Christmas and you'll be running for your life as they thank you by swooping at you repeatedly. A gift to let that special someone either relive their childhood or enhance it.

4. RC Tank $16 AU

I love a good RC tank, and I've managed to find one on ebay for as little as $16! there are some great alternatives though that will set you back as much as $30-$40 AU but the $16 bugger is just as good and especially for the price. Pretend your in the army, setup a moch battle and go to war on your own kitchen bench, zoom around the floor of your living room and watch this guys treads roll over anything up to an inch depending on the incline or even take it outside to your local park and give it a run for its money! whatever you do stay behind the trenches!

5. Hidden Pen Camera $6.95 AU

Watch your beloved become a super spy as they finally figure out how this secret pen camera works. Simple and secretive they can record up to 45 minutes of footage on this device as long as you give them a minimum 2GB Micro SD card. its a bit tricky to get working initially but after you've deciphered the instructions and get the hang of it you'll be James bond in no time. Best of all it actually works as a pen too! but I haven't figured out how to get refills yet.

All of these are great Christmas presents, and even if you purchased them all you'd only be up for about $90 - $100 AU so if you really love that someone special you can get them a special pack of awesomeness! watch them take control of the underwater, the ground and the sky whilst spying on the enemy that is so totally there. This list would make anyone enjoy Christmas day and guaranteed you'll find something on this list to amuse you or that special someone on Christmas day this year. remember to follow, commend and like and check out my YouTube channel for video updates and reviews on all the products you see here as they come one!

Friday, 13 November 2015

best 5 games to pick up and play on Microsoft book release day no GPU

Hi Guys

Picked up the entry level I5 8gb RAM and 128gb Harddrive model of the Microsoft Surface Book on release day?

Dont know what game to play? what wont work? what WILL work?

Check out the list here of 5 Excellent games you can play TODAY!

1) Minecraft
Simply the most popular game I think on the market right now, Huge online base, mod maker market, user market and more mods, upgrades and bug fixes in the works by Microsoft. Simple, only $20 and its like lego without limits, check it out!

2) Rocket League
Simply the funniest game I've ever picked up since portal and portal 2, but more action based. Its a fast paced, action sport that is without a doubt hilarious! It may be better suited to the controller but even being restricted to keyboard and mouse should put an excellent, easy to pick up and play game on your surface book library.

3) World of warcraft
Need I say more? you'll be able to play till your hearts content! get in on the action and blast your way through various dungeons and boss raids at a reasonably low detail, shadow and distance setting. Don't expect to play this on max settings with all settings on high but it will still be extremely playable thanks to the discrete GPU.

4) Portal
Ok so this is a classic in this day and age, you'll probably be more likely to pick up league of legends or download a free MMO like maple story to test your mettle at but this game offers great humor, excellent story line and the story line backed by amazingly funny commentary will keep you playing for hours. Play with headphones, I promise it will be a much better experience.

5) Eurotruck Simulator 2
Not the game for everybody, not the game for most people even. But this is the only way you can legally drink and drive. Your job is to haul cargo, make deliveries and slowly build your empire along the way by making money. Its simple, I love it and find it a blast! You should try out the free demo on steam!


For all you on the go with your surface book who want to play offline Rocket league and Eurotruck even through steam by putting steam into offline mode.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Alternative to the Surface book that will cost you less

Hey guys

I've been looking at buying the Surface book or Surface pro 4 lately. The specs are so standard in my eyes I decided to look at the competition, current competitors on the market and compare them to the surface book. These option are going to sacrifice battery life (Thats a guarantee) but the specs are extremely competitive with the surface book. So here are my 5 alternatives and why.

1) Lenovo yoga 3 14"/yoga 500 - $1199/$1299AU

Core I5
4GB ram
360 digree hinge function for tablet function
14" HD antiglare display
integrated HD graphics

Both of these models are included as the one first alternative as they are so similar its ridiculous. The only reason you go the Yoga 500 is the newest gen processor (Gen 6) or if you go the Yoga 3 14" you get a 128 gb SSD.

Specs they lose a little bit of ram but you can upgrade that for under $50, still keeping these guys $900 cheaper than the surface book, and $200-300 cheaper than a Surface pro 4 with all the add-on's.
These guys let down the comparison with the screen, they are standard HD screens which are matt finish and have shocking viewing angles when put next to the Surface book or pro 4. Spec wise though, if all your use is going to be indoors, these are a much better value option.

2) Toshiba Radius 14" 2 in 1 notebook $1798

Core i7
8gb RAM
360 digree hinge function for tablet function
14" HD antiglare display
integrated HD graphics

A premium build, Core i7 and 256GB SSD! This is an awesome bargain for under 2k!

Unfortunately the battery life is lacking, 3-4 hours at best, and the screen is unusable outdoors. But once again if your in it for indoor usage this is a definite competitor.

3) Asus T300 CHI 12" notebook $1198

Intel core M
8gb RAM
detachable screen for tablet function
12" WQHD Display
Integrated graphics

So probably the weakest processor on this list it has a decent cache at 4mb and up to 2.9ghz of power. this isnt a beast but it makes up for it with that screen, QHD and easily visible outdoors plus you an detach that keyboard and have just the tablet.

This one has some minor faults just like the rest on this list, but one slightly different, the performance could be much better, its basically a scaled up atom CPU. And the battery life, still better than anything else on this list at just under 6 hours but still for the loss of performance we would hope for better. Otherwise if your going for outdoor use and a lot of videos this one would take the cake.

4) HP Spectre 13" 360  $ 2196

Core i7
360 digree hinge function for tablet function
13.3" FHD Display
Integrated Graphics

So we're almost there with this one, excellent screen quality and viewing angles, great performance and memory coming from the Core i7 and 256gb SSD AND the model in comparison has 8gb ram as well, so no upgrades are necessary. You don't event have to worry about battery life with this one, being as much as 12 hours of video playback. The only downside of this model is the 360 degree hinge. Other than that, great battery life, excellent performance, tons of storage, this is only $200 cheaper BUT has better specs!

5) HP Spectre X2 12" 2-in-1 $1898

Core M
256gb SSD
8gb RAM
separate Keyboard dock and screen stand system
12" HD screen
Integrated graphics

Being the last on this list and closer to a microsoft surface pro, Up to 10 hours battery life, Great internal storage, 8GB RAM and feels like a dream to hold in your hand the onyly thing letting this one down is the Core M for performance. Viewing angles are great, outdoor use is comparable. The kickstand is a weird design also, I dont know whether to love or hate it because I'm so use to the surface pro and the HP's stand on this tab just isn't as premium or sturdy feeling.

A true list of competitors, everyone out there will have different opinions and views, you might even have your own suggestions! my picks from this list have to be the Asus Chi T300 for price and screen and the Yoga 3 14" for the specs.

Whatever your choice is,whether it be to go the alternative to stick with the surface book if that's your volition then so be it! if anyone out there wants to suggest a better alternative PLEASE DO! I know a lot of people want one that's for sure!

Thanks for reading!!

Microsoft surface book VS microsoft surface 4 Specs and Accessories

Hi Guys

So microsoft have been out in full force lately, trying to force the news of their new surface book and pro 4 spread like wildfire. Doesnt feel like it has at all. asige from that I was already looking at upgrading from my Asus T100A which has served me well all these years and my samsung tab 2 10.1" as well. I m trying to get a device that can be both of these devices at the same time as being able to mimic both a laptop and a tablet perfectly in the process.

So lets start with the Surface Book since thats the newest addition of the Microsoft Family.

Surface book
Price $2299 AU
Core i5
128gb SSD
8gb RAM
13.5" Display

The Surface book unlike the Surface Pro 4 comes with an attachable keyboard and again unlike the touchtype keyboard you can buy separately for the Microsoft surface pro 4, this is a PROPER keyboard!

Starting price is a whopping $2299! thats for only 8 gb of RAM an i5 and 128 gb SSD. Yes you get a convertable but its still very expensive.

Now onto the surface pro 4 i5

Surface pro 4

Price $1349 AU
Core i5
128gb SSD
4gb RAM
128gb SSD
12.3" Display

So the surface pro doesnt come with a keyboard and it only has a single USB, display port, headphone jack out and thats it! you can buy the accessories to adapt out and add the keyboard but now the $1349 that we started out with is getting much more expensive.

Surface pro       $1349
Pro keyboard    $ 199.95
Pro Dock          $ 299.95
Total                 $1848.9

Comparing the 2 devices, we can buy the surface book and essentially pay $450 for a RAM upgrade, a screen upgrade, a keyboard upgrade and have everything neatly built into the one device rather than having to adapt and use a few different adapters and weird keyboards.

So for anybody Looking for a pro 4, the keyboard and a dock, keep in mind the small difference in price once you buy all the accessories you need, unless you specifically want the surface pro 4 for whatever reason.

safe travels and best of luck to those of you in 3 days buying the new surface line!