Southpark the Stick of Truth Walkhrough COMPLETE

Welcome to the first completed walkthrough series to come out of this channel. Many more to come but for now lets connect with the main characters of the game learn the basics of combat.

Southpark the Stick of truth Episode 1 - The begining
In this first episode we learn the basics of combat, join up with the side of victory which happens to e Cartman's side and fart on some guys.
Southpark the Stick of Truth Episode 2

Southpark the Stick of truth Episode 3
Southpark the stick of Truth episode 4
Southpark the stick of truth Episode 5
Southpark the stick of truth Episode 6
Southpark the stick of truth episode 7
Southpark the stick of truth Episode 8
Southpark the stick of truth Episode 9
Southpark the stick of truth episode 10 - Broken Link
Southpark the stick o…

Top Budget action cameras that still work well 20155

Hi guys

I've been playing around with my extremely budget action camera that gives reasonable performance, frame-rates and features whilst maintaining a reasonable price. Everyone loves the Go Pro and I do as well but not everyone can afford 300-400 for that.

The Qpix FHD Action camera

An excellent choice in terms of video quality, image stabilisation (excellent in this price range) and range of features. You get;
- Wifi
- Fulll HD recording 30 FPS
- Up to 8 megapixel Stills
- google smartphone and Apple smartphone compatability (With app downloaded)
- Waterproof up to 40 metres

Footage taken is really awesome too, here's a HD footage test not full HD but all the same is of the sea floor going deep and it looks great

Keiser Bass x-150

Kogan Action Camera 3+ Silver edition

Copying the GoPro Naming style just a little too much for my liking this is another great choice for those looking to capture quality moments at a reasonable price poi…

5 must have's before getting your pokemon go on!

It's been a while sine my last post but I am finished my personal

So I know everyones been waiting for my next post and I have been thinking, Ever since I started properly playing pokemon go I've meeded to
No. 5
A decent phone

A holder

No. 3

A Portable Battery

No. 1
A decent case

Honourable Mention
The Pokemon go Plus Companion watch

Best free Movie maker video editor android 2015/2016

Want to edit videos on your android device? stuck on the train and want to finish editing that video you never got a chance to last night? Video editing on the android tablets and phones has become so popular thanks to apples built in imovie studio. Windows has the all impressive movie maker but android has a few gems up its sleeve also.

No.5 Viva Video

Viva video editor claims to be the best out there, its not but its still very impressive what you can do with it.  They've even included free downloadable effects like stickers, FX and more. 
Video editor wise though you can;

- Trim and merge video clips in storyboard editing
- Apply slow & fast motion, and reverse to create amazing video
- Enhance your videos with various texts, FX, stickers, music, filters, transitions and live dubbing.
- All editing operations can be instant previewed in WYSIWYG way

No.4 WeVideo

Wevideo definitely a top editor, the free version leaves you a watermark but free music and editing tools and the paid vers…

Top 5 budget tech gifts Christmas 2015

Looking for that aww inspiring gift that you know someone will love? there are some great budget gifts out there both online and in store. All of these gifts will be under $40 and be an excellent option for that special someone who either likes to tinker with things or playing around with gadgets.

So without further ado, here are the 5 best Christmas presents for 2015 in my opinion

1. Smart Watch ($14.29 AU)

This is the U8 smartphone companion (or the knock-off as I'm told) It can control the music in your phone, give you a step counter, has a calculator, acts as a remote for taking photo's and lets you answer your phone from outside of your pocket! its got a reasonable design and I am awaiting mine in the mail sometime in the next week to test it and give a comprehensive review on it. for under $20 you can hardly go wrong

2. HD Waterproof action camera $34 AU

Don't want to go out of your way to buy a go pro? still probably looking at something too expensive thinking about…

best 5 games to pick up and play on Microsoft book release day no GPU

Hi Guys

Picked up the entry level I5 8gb RAM and 128gb Harddrive model of the Microsoft Surface Book on release day?

Dont know what game to play? what wont work? what WILL work?

Check out the list here of 5 Excellent games you can play TODAY!

1) Minecraft
Simply the most popular game I think on the market right now, Huge online base, mod maker market, user market and more mods, upgrades and bug fixes in the works by Microsoft. Simple, only $20 and its like lego without limits, check it out!

2) Rocket League
Simply the funniest game I've ever picked up since portal and portal 2, but more action based. Its a fast paced, action sport that is without a doubt hilarious! It may be better suited to the controller but even being restricted to keyboard and mouse should put an excellent, easy to pick up and play game on your surface book library.

3) World of warcraft
Need I say more? you'll be able to play till your hearts content! get in on the action and blast your way through various…

Alternative to the Surface book that will cost you less

Hey guys

I've been looking at buying the Surface book or Surface pro 4 lately. The specs are so standard in my eyes I decided to look at the competition, current competitors on the market and compare them to the surface book. These option are going to sacrifice battery life (Thats a guarantee) but the specs are extremely competitive with the surface book. So here are my 5 alternatives and why.

1) Lenovo yoga 3 14"/yoga 500 - $1199/$1299AU

Core I5
4GB ram
360 digree hinge function for tablet function
14" HD antiglare display
integrated HD graphics

Both of these models are included as the one first alternative as they are so similar its ridiculous. The only reason you go the Yoga 500 is the newest gen processor (Gen 6) or if you go the Yoga 3 14" you get a 128 gb SSD.

Specs they lose a little bit of ram but you can upgrade that for under $50, still keeping these guys $900 cheaper than the surface book, and $200-300 cheaper than a Surface pro 4 with a…