Hola and welcome!

I have recently discovered a great platform for gamers and that platform is twitch!

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A bit about myself. I like my games, love my nintedo :). I've been into filming what I do and buy and what I think of stuff for 4 years now. The nect logical step was pinning down what I really wanted to get from it and that was the social aspect of anything. Interaction with my audience, contribution to a cummunity followed by the feeling of achievement.
Online gaming through twitch has allowed me to find that in between (minus the loss of sleep) and I;ve managed to setup my home computer to accomplish this.

The Switch to Twitch

Welcome back, I have done some soul searching and looked at my youtube video's from a  distance in order to realize.... I need to go live!!!

I am picking up a few cool games later this year and some nice old ones.

Pokemon go!

Xenoblade chronicles 2 nintendo switch

Goat Simulator

I will be live on twitch and youtube gaming alternating between the two and making sure I want to stream on one or the other.

I want to chat with gamers though. I'll be less about the awesome gameplay and more about the hectic chat!

Make sure to follow like comment chat subscribe and more to twitch and youtube to get the most out of this channel and make sure to stay tuned for more blog posts and more, coming soon!

POKKEN TOURNAMENT Gameplay Nintendo Switch

Welcome back to another sort of walkthrough series. Here, I will make sure Everything is posted that is documented on youtube!

Lets get started!!

Pokken Tournament All Burst Attacks Nintendo Switch

Here we have all the burst attacks from all characters in Pokken Tournament.


Welcome to a new section of the Blog. Here we have a list of the minecraft creations so far. Make sure to keep posted as all new creations will be posted here as well. I came up with the title beefcraft and contemplated starting a new channel devoted to minecraft creations but decided against it.


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Probably the best one so far is the pickle rick!


A duff beer can from the simpsons, could have been more symmetrical but overall came off ok!!


One of the first ideas was doing a minecraft episode in the style of minecraft


The first creation. not done well definitley dont watch I think it only has 1 view at the time of posting this.

Octodad The deadliest Catch Walkthrough COMPLETED 100%

Another walkthrough series here already!!

Octodad the Deadlest catch is a physics based game about an octopus that dresses up like a human, gets married, has kids and goes on a wild mini adventure. This walkthrough has been completed just like my other ones and all the links will be found below so feel free to subscribe, comment and like the original source.

Octodad - getting married - Episode 1
Here is the introduction and just like most episode 1's its the introduction to the game, controls and gives the basic jist of how the rest of the game will work.

Octodad - Getting the Chores done - Episode 2
Getting out into the yard, cooking up some burgers, mowing the lawn and surviving the neighbors attack!!

Octodad - Shopping and Bannanas - Episode 3
Going to the shops, getting some groceries and coming into contact with Russia Sushi!!

Octodad - Finding Tommy at the Aqquarium - Episode 4 Part 1/3

HEARTHSTONE - Knights of the Frozen Throne


Welcome to the How to in defeating the Hearthstone bosses for Knights of the frozen throne. Links to all videos will be embedded and you can always comment like and subscribe to the channel to help the cause.

The Prologue
In the Prologue you are given extremely powerful cards to start with but the standard startup crystals for summon.

Lord marrowgar
The Lord Marowgar Win!! I have a fail uploaded as well but this is te win. Its an upgrade chaman deck that works through basic board control and bolstering the minions on the field. You want to draw weak at the start but work your way up from there. Enjoy!

Deathbringer Saurfang

Epic win on Deathbringer Saurfang, using a basic warriors weapon deck I had to craft a few vital cards for this. It was worth it tho because off the bat you want all cost 1 cards and to start hitting him from turn 1. watch out for those healer minions though because especially late game they need to be dealt with immediately.

Stay tuned for more updates. Like …

Southpark the Stick of Truth Walkhrough COMPLETE

Welcome to the first completed walkthrough series to come out of this channel. Many more to come but for now lets connect with the main characters of the game learn the basics of combat.

Southpark the Stick of truth Episode 1 - The begining
In this first episode we learn the basics of combat, join up with the side of victory which happens to e Cartman's side and fart on some guys.
Southpark the Stick of Truth Episode 2

Southpark the Stick of truth Episode 3
Southpark the stick of Truth episode 4
Southpark the stick of truth Episode 5
Southpark the stick of truth Episode 6
Southpark the stick of truth episode 7
Southpark the stick of truth Episode 8
Southpark the stick of truth Episode 9
Southpark the stick of truth episode 10 - Broken Link
Southpark the stick o…